Course Preparation Checklist

This checklist outlines the common tasks involved in preparing your course for a new semester.

Basic Updates

  • Due Dates: Update assignment due dates as needed (see instructions for editing dates).
  • Syllabus: Upload a new syllabus for the semester. See Updating Document Links for instructions.
  • Check Links: Review all links for accuracy using the Canvas link validator.
  • Library Reserves: Review any items or reading lists placed under Library Reserves in Canvas (they do not automatically carry over each semester). For further assistance contact Theresa Lyman at the BC Library. See also the Getting Started page for more details.
  • Homepage Module List: Update the module list on the homepage so it matches your Canvas modules (See module list instructions).

Learning Technologies

Review any learning technologies in your course (Panopto videos, Perusall, VoiceThread etc.) to make sure they are working as intended.


If you are using Perusall, you’ll need to set up all the learning activities for your course:

  • If you are not making any changes (aside from due dates) they can be copied easily from inside Perusall. This document provides a step by step guide in how to do this. 
  • If you are making content changes, follow these steps to make sure that the Perusall learning activities are set up correctly.


VoiceThread learning activities should have copied over with the course, but review them for accuracy. Contact the HelpDesk for assistance.

Technology Support: For any questions on technology issues, the HelpDesk is available to you.

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