Updating the Homepage Module List

The module homepage list created by Design Tools needs to be updated manually to reflect any changes you make to modules.

Why is this necessary?

The Design Tools Module List creates an alternative view of the default Canvas Modules that can appear on your homepage.

Here’s the catch: the list does not automatically update if you make changes to Canvas Modules: adding modules, change module titles, or reordering.

This means that you need to go into Design Tools to update which modules will appear on the list yourself, manually. 

Open Design Tools

1. Click Edit on Homepage

Navigate to the homepage and Click “Edit” on the top right.

2. Enable Design Tools

Hold the control key (^) and type the 1 key on both Macs and PCs.

If you’ve already enabled design tools, you can click the “Launch Design Tools” button in the top right.

control plus 1

Choose a Version:

If your sidebar looks like this:

If your sidebar looks like this:

Legacy Design Tools Module List

Updating Names/Order Only

If you’ve only changed the names or order of modules, you can use the “Update Module Names” to update the module list.

1. Open the Module List Pane

In the Design Tools sidebar, go to “Add Advanced Elements” > “Module List”  

2. Click “Update Module Names”

Clicking the “Update Module Names” button will refresh the homepage module list.

A video showing how to open the Module List pane and update module titles

New Modules and Troubleshooting

If you’ve added new modules in Canvas, you’ll need to toggle the visibility of each new module.

Toggling the visibility of any module on/off will also update any other changes to the list, so this is also good technique for updating/fixing the list in more generally.

1. Open Design Tools

See instructions above.

2. Open the Module List Pane List Pane

In the Design Tools sidebar, go to “Add Advanced Elements” > “Module List”  

Make sure that the option saying “Add and Configure Module List” slider is turned on. If it is, you’ll see a green checkmark.

3. Enable the visibility of new modules

Scroll down to the list of your modules. To choose which modules appear on your homepage, you will “toggle” their visibility by clicking on the icon of an eye.

  • The eye with a slash through it means that that module won’t appear on your home page.
  • To make a module appear, click on the icon with an eye. The eye will now no longer have a slash through it and it will now appear blue.
  • If you look to the left, you should see that the module you just made visible is now appearing as part of your modules list.

Toggle the visibility by clicking on the eye icons until the module list appears as you would like it to appear to your students.

Video showing how to enable the visible of new modules

3. Click Save

Click “SAVE” at the bottom of your rich text editor (the one that shows a preview of what your Canvas page will look like).

New Design Tools Module List

This video demonstrates how to update the module homepage list in the new version of Design Tools.

For more information on module lists, see: Module Lists: [New] DesignPLUS User Guide

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