Canvas Homepage Templates

Canvas homepage templates are designed to help you create a clear and welcoming entryway to your course site

The templates were created using Design Tools but don’t require any knowledge of that tool in order to use them.

Adding a Homepage Template

The following instructions will show you how to import, update, and troubleshoot importing a homepage template.

Screenshot of homepage with template applied - banner with image of Gasson Hall

1. Import the Template

The template is available in Canvas Commons, a repository that makes it easy to share Canvas content with others.

A screenshot highlighting the Canvas Commons button in the left sidebar

To import the template:

  1. Navigate to Canvas Commons.
  2. In the search field, search for “#BC Canvas Templates (Basic)” and click on the resource to import just the home page template.
  3. Click the blue “Import/Download” button on the right to view your courses.
  4. Scroll or search for your course (e.g., MFIN1021.xx) and select it by checking the box next to the course name.
  5. Click “Import” at the bottom of the window.

Video Walkthrough: Importing templates as a video

2. Select a Home Page Template

After importing the templates, you’ll have a few style options for your homepage.

Two of the options have background images and the BC logo. The images in these options are not editable.

Red Theme, Background Image
Red Theme, Background Image
Blue Theme, Background Image
Blue Theme, Background Image

With the other two options, you can changed the banner images.

Blue Theme, Editable Image
Blue Theme, Editable Image
Red Theme, Editable Image
Red Theme, Editable Image

Setting the Homepage

The next step is to set one of the homepage options as the ‘Home Page’ of the course.

Screenshot of how to choose a course homepage (steps listed in text below image)
  1. Go to the Home Page: Click “Home” if you’re not on the home page already.
  2. Click “Choose Home Page” in the right sidebar.
  3. Select a Page: In the dialog that opens:
    1. Select “Pages ” if “Homepage | Red Theme, Basic banner ” is listed and that’s the style you would like to use.
    2. If you would to choose another homepage template option, click “Change” and then click the three vertical dots icon next to the page you would like to select Click “Use as .”
  4. Save: Click “Save” to save your changes.

Video Walkthrough of Selecting a Homepage

Updating the Homepage Information

Lastly, it’s time to update the Home Page with all the relevant information for your course.

  1. Course Title: Update the Course Title
  2. Course Info: Update the Semester and Professor Name in the Banner.
  3. Welcome Text: Update the short welcome blurb that provides a basic overview of the course, which should be the same for all sections of the course.
  4. Syllabus and Modules: The Syllabus and Modules links on the homepage take students to the Canvas Syllabus and Modules tools. See “Step 6: Update your Syllabus” below and the section on Module Design for more information on how to work with these tools.
  5. Instructor Info: Update instructor/TA information and photo. See the Canvas documentation for working with images for more instructions.

Video Walkthrough: View instructions for editing your homepage information

Other Recommendations

The rest of this section, you’ll find a few more suggestions for designing your Canvas homepage.

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